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Zippe - Germany

Total Lubricants - USA

  • Complete Batch plants

  • Non-Contact & contact Glass Level measurement system.

  • Cullet treatment plants.

  • Scraper Conveyors and Belt Conveyors for Batch Plants.

  • Batch Chargers, Scrapers & Crushers.

  •  Magnetic Separator.

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  • All Types of Lubricants for Moulds, Hot and Cold End Coating, RingDope E, Shear blades spray, and much more.

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RHI Magnesita - Germany

Dr. Gunther – Germany

  • All types of Refractories for Glass, Ceramic, Environment, and Energy Industries.

  • Provide Technical support for furnaces repair (hot and cold repair).

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Inspection Machines especially for:

  • Dimension measuring.

  • Sidewall defects.

  • Bottom defects.

  • Mouth rim defects.

  • Planity measuring.

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REFEL - Italy

BDF Industries   - Italy

  • Fused cast refractories for Glass Industry

  • Provide Technical support for furnaces repair (hot and cold repair).

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All made in Europe

  • IS Machines for Glass production.

  • IS Machines accessories and spare parts.

  • Gob distributor

  • variables equipment.

  • Feeders and Servo Machines.

  • Complete turnkey projects.

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BDF New Logo.jpg

Rosario - Holland

  • All types of printing machines for bottles, jars, etc.

  • Complete decorating lines for containers.

  •  Technical Support for Decoration lines and Printing Machines for the Glass industry. 

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Pennekamp - Germany

Rurex - Germany

  • All types of Annealing & Decorating Lehrs. With New BLEU technology (Burners) for energy saving.

  • All types of Ware Transfer systems (up to 36 fingers).

  • All types of Lehr Loaders (Stackers).

  • Cross Conveyors.

  • Cold End Sprays Polymer Application System.

  • All types of Lehrs for Special Glass, Glass containers, Bending glass, Flat glass, TV glass, Tableware, Glass decorating.

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Pennekamp logo.jpg

For Flat glass:

  • Cast glass machines for wire and ornament glass.

  • Frequency controlled gears.

  • Wire unwinder system with magnetic leading rollers.

  • Profile glass machines

  • All kinds of Rollers for Flat glass ( plain and pattern)

  •  Accessories & Spare parts for Roller Machines.

For Container Glass: (Shear blades, Leaf springs, Dead plates, Orifice Ring Holder)

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Pennine – England

Cortex Glass – Holland

  • All kinds of Chains for High temperatures suitable for IS Machines.

  • Conveyor Chain, Chain & Belts Guides.

  • Sprockets & Conveyor components.

  • Claw Coupling.

  • Extrusions & engineered Plastics.

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Pennine Logo 2023.jpg

Specialized in Gob watch systems & Hot-End inspections like:

  • Gob watch

  • IS watch

  • Top watch

  • Blank watch

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Arkema – France

  • Arkema has made the hot-end coating landscape evolve, in particular through the patent of the double loop system (Certincoat®) and very fresh with new technologies T-Hood and Single Line (Certinadvance®). Arkema is also recognized for cold-end coating solutions (Tegoglas®).

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Mavsa- Argentine

One of the leading companies in the field of tableware machines.

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Jing-Gong – China

  • Molds for all types of bottles.

  • Molds for all types of containers & Jars.

  • Molds for Special bottles (perfumes, Pharmaceutical).

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Hartmann & Bender

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