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Industrial Engineering and trading Co. Known as I.E.T, was founded in 1967, by Dipl. Chemistry: Galal Mohamed El Saharty. He started the business as a trading company for glass products; tableware, containers, crystals, glass ornamental products, chandeliers, and others.


The glass market at this time was exclusive to Yassin Factory, and some small workshops (Handmade glass). In 1968 the market was eager for new technologies, at the same time the industrial revolution started in Egypt.

And It was the beginning of; “El Nasr for Glass & Crystal” inauguration, the first glass factory with the highest technology,  Three furnaces with  300 Ton/day Capacity (1968-1970).


El Nasr Glass was the beginning of changes for our company, from a trading company to be the first company in Egypt which represents the well-known and experienced international companies, and the first “scientific and consultant office”  not only in Egypt but in the middle east and the Arab community.

In 1989, we expanded our activities to include Electronics & Automation department: Controllers, Recorders, Thermometers, etc. Such as Thermocouples, RTDs, Infrared pyrometers: portable & fixed instruments.


 Our Scope of supply covers all types of industries – all ranges of temperatures; not only Glass. But also, Pharmaceutical, Metal, Food, packing, Ceramic, Plastics, Cement, Petrochemical, and much more.

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